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Get a Head Start for Next Year!

Budgeting for the Upcoming School Year? Show Your Team Pride with an Athletic Seating Makeover!

As unlikely as it may seem, the 2017-2018 school year will be drawing to a close before you know it. Once that happens, summer will zip by and the 2018-2019 school year will be upon us!

This means that it’s already time to start planning for next year – and part of that planning is putting together a budget. When deciding which projects will get funding and attention, it’s important not to neglect your school’s athletic program. These programs are an integral part of bringing the school together and building school spirit. They’re also important to help students learn the importance of discipline, perseverance, teamwork, and communication skills.

While funding for school athletic programs includes things such as uniforms and equipment used for play, it also includes updating your athletic facilities to keep them attractive and well-maintained. A huge part of every gymnasium and sports facility is the seating – whether it’s court-side seating for players and VIPS or behind-the-scenes locker room stools.
Why Does Custom Athletic Seating Matter?

If your school’s sports seating only consists of hard, wooden bleachers or standard metal folding chairs, planning this year’s budget provides an opportunity for a makeover. Custom athletic seating sends a clear message to everyone who sees it: your team isn’t just any team – they’re a team of champions.

When your team, its sponsors, and all of your fans enter to see Model 3400 Chairs customized with your team’s colors, name, and logo lining the court, it will send your team pride skyrocketing. You can even take comfort to a new level for your team VIPs with a few Model 3400C Classic Contour Chairs. The opposition will know they’re playing against pros when they see how you’ve outfitted your facility with quality athletic seating. You can also take things to the next level with colorful, customized scoring table panels that give a shout out to your team and its sponsors.

Team spirit doesn’t just happen in front of spectators; it also happens behind the scenes in the locker room. That’s why it’s important to make sure your budget includes room for customized locker room stools to provide your players with an attractive, comfortable place to rest as they recharge during halftime or celebrate after a spectacular win.

Win Big with Clarin

When budgeting for a sports facility seating makeover, price and quality are important. You need seating that’s affordable, but you also need it to look great and feel comfortable for years to come. That’s why Athletic Seating is proud to carry Clarin products – in fact, we’re the number one Clarin dealer in the country. This means that our customers know they can expect the highest of quality from our customized sideline chairs and stools. It also means that we have the best prices and can never be undersold.

Do you have questions that we can answer to help you budget out new athletic seating for the upcoming school year? Are you ready to place an order? If so, contact Athletic Seating and let our team help you!