High-Quality Products and Printing

Athletic Seating Helps You Stand Out in a Big Way
At any sporting event, the goal is to go big and bold. This applies to taking the field, scoring points, and showing team spirit. The crowd on both sides will be decked out in bright colors, with T-shirts, banners, face paint, and signs cheering on their team and star players. And when your team is the home team, it’s important to proclaim your team pride. You can do this by outfitting your gymnasium with high-quality equipment that shows your team how much you support them and care about them.

A brand-new scoring table with your team’s logo and advertisements for your top sponsors will show the opposing team who means business. The best way to promote your team and show your players, coaches, and sponsors the appreciation they deserve, however, is by providing them with athletic sideline chairs and time out stools for the locker room. High-quality, beautifully customized athletic seating adds real class to your sports venue and lets your team know that you stand behind them.

Not Just Any Seating Will Do
Athletic Seating is an investment, so when you choose, you should choose wisely. Some sellers offer options that seem like a good deal in the short-term, but are poorly manufactured and warp, rust, or break down over time. That’s why for nearly 30 years, Athletic Seating has focused on providing the absolute best in athletic seating products. We choose products that are the highest of quality and made in the United States, working with manufacturers such as Clarin that have spent decades building their reputation in the seating industry.
When it comes to seating for sporting events, you need products that will hold up, which is why we stand behind our products and their durability.

Bright and Impactful Printing
With sideline chairs and locker room stools, durability is only half of the story. When you customize a product, it’s important that the printing stand out and that the colors be bright, glossy, and highly visible. Otherwise, what’s the use of customizing it?
The exclusive printing process used at Athletic Seating ensures that every product you purchase from us is glossy, vibrant, and beautiful. Compare them to the dull, matte designs put out by other custom athletic seating sellers and you’ll see that there’s no competition at all. Our designs stand out from the rest to help YOU stand out from the rest. And just like our products themselves, our signature printing process ensures that the stunning design you see on your stools and seats will last for many seasons to come.

Athletic Seating Solutions for Everyone
No matter the size of your facility or budget, we have athletic seating options for everyone. Our Model 2617 Chair is the ideal product to show your team pride in an affordable fashion. For a truly special option for team VIPs, check out our Basketball Sideline Chairs – a comfortable and streamlined seat that can be customized with your team’s name or logo on the seat back. Whether you need seating for the sidelines or behind the scenes, we’ve got you covered. Do you have questions about any of our products or need help placing an order? Contact Athletic Seating today and let’s get started!