Model 3400 Logo Chairs

In case you are looking for the best deal on athletic chairs remember you aren’t alone. Getting hold of the right deal can surely be a challenge, that’s the reason we have got a long list of some of the best set of chairs that you can buy at a very less price. Here goes a list of our offerings.

  • Model 3400 Chair: The Model 3400 is one of the best sideline chairs in the industry. The product features optional interlocking ganging brackets, a three-inch padded seat cushion, and a one-inch padded backrest cushion. Customers get several vinyl colors and frames to choose from. This sideline chair is very much popular among pro teams and colleges.
  • Model 3400C Classic Contour Chair: The Model 3400 classic contour chair comes at a base price of only $135. Some of the notable features of this product include a three-inch padded seat, one-inch padded backrest, and many vinyl colors and frames to choose from. You can further opt for additional options such as cupholders, interlocking ganging brackets, arms, K brackets, and double back. The product is completely made in the United States and can surely be a great addition as team seating for locker rooms or as a sideline chair. Apart from all these the product has got a seat height of nineteen inches and a chair depth and width of twenty-two inches and eighteen inches respectively.

·         Model 3-3400 Wide Chair: The Model 3-3400 Wide chair is priced only at $115. Some of the features of this chair include interlocking ganging brackets, three inches padded cushion seating, a one-inch backrest, and several vinyl colors and frames to choose from. Users can further customize it by including two-color logos at two different locations. These chairs can be used in different fundraising opportunities, locker rooms, and team benches.

·         Model 3400HD Titan: The 3400 Titan series of chair delivers a whole new standard of durability and strength to our range of folding chair line up. The Model 3400HD Titan is priced at only $115 and features additional support especially at critical stress points in order to hold more weight.

  • VIP Chairs: Our VIP range of chairs comes at a starting price of $270 and has got a whole lot of options to choose from. Some of the notable features include a colored seat board, auto uplift seat, interlocking brackets, upholstered back and seat, and interlocking brackets. The product comes with twelve years of warranty on the frame and is weighed up to 26lbs. You can further customize these logo stools by adding up to eight color logos both on the front and back.
  • Club Series Chair: This product has got a distinctive and perfect back design with back and front upholstery proving a regal look. The standard specs of this chair include the use of nineteen-gauge steel metal frame, channel frame and double tube, x frame construction, duraflex action along with non-marring rubber foot inserts. These logo folding chair sets can be easily found on different suites, NBA arenas, and some of the best entertainment venues in the world.

If you want to give a champion feeling to your team remember Athletic Seating can always cater to your needs. Our experience of more than three decades in building high-quality seating makes us the industry leader. No matter if you are in need of locker room stools or custom printed chairs we will be always there to provide unmatched services and quality each and every time. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us at Athletic Seating and get the best experience.