Basketball and Volleyball Seating That’s Made in the USA


Basketball and Volleyball Seating Thats Made in the USA

As the seasons change, so do your considerations for athletic seating solutions. Now that we’re all back to school, we’re looking forward to the start of basketball season and volleyball season. In this article, let’s discuss what seating options can help make your events the best they possibly can be. We’ll also discuss why using the best manufacturer matters when purchasing seating for your team and spectators.

Spectacular Seating Thats a Slam Dunk


It doesn’t seem possible, but it’s that time of year again. Soon, your team will be sweating and pounding their way up the court, pushing their opponents to the edge and striving for that miraculous game-winning shot that flies through the air right as the buzzer sounds. Players and guests on the sidelines will be on the edge of their seats…but what kind of seats will those be?


With so many options available, certainly not boring metal folding chairs! To reward your players for all of their practice and hard work, let them take five on a Model 3-3400 Wide Chair that gives them plenty of room to stretch out. The 3-inch padded seat cushion and 1-inch padded backrest on these sideline chairs are more than just comfortable; they’re also customizable. Choose the vinyl color and have it custom screen-printed with your team’s name and/or logo to outfit your sports arena in style.

For your VIPs and top sponsors, leave traditional sideline chairs, well, on the sidelines. Instead, seat them in style with a luxuriously padded VIP Chair. They’re customizable, as well, and you can have color logos placed on the seat and back. From your players to your guests, send a clear message with custom-printed athletic seating.
Bump, Set, Spike! Seating for Volleyball


Also coming up fast? Volleyball season. Folding sideline chairs give you the ultimate flexibility in setting up for a volleyball event – whether it will be a single match held in a gymnasium or a huge tournament hosted outdoors in the sunshine. Comfort is a major concern no matter where the event takes place, but your choice of seating is particularly important if the action will take place outdoors. Chairs like the Model 2617 are comfortable and can be custom-printed, but they’re also light and portable. This means that they can easily be toted around and set up at a variety of events, inside and out.


Clarin: The Clear Choice for Athletic Chairs


All of the seating options in this article have one important thing in common: they’re all manufactured by
Clarin, a leader in spectator seating. Since 1925, they’ve designed and manufactured quality all-steel folding chairs. People love Clarin chairs because they’re attractive, as well as durable and comfortable. Over the years, they’ve been used by presidents and pop stars alike. Today, Clarin products are the only sideline chairs made in the U.S.


At Athletic Seating, we focus on bringing nothing but the best to our customers, which is why we’re proud to carry and customize Clarin products. What kind of seating solutions can we create for you? Contact our team today and let us get your order started!