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Why Support American Manufacturers? Heres Why We Purchase US-Made Products
In the United States, we certainly love our sports, and that love begins as we cheer our hometown teams on in school gymnasiums around the country. At Athletic Seating, we’re excited to help our country’s schools outfit their sporting facilities, from sideline chairs to locker room stools. We’re particularly proud that our sports seating products are manufactured right here in the United States.

Our pride in our US-made products runs deeper than just American patriotism, however. There are many good reasons why it makes sense to purchase American-made products. Here’s why Athletic Seating supports US manufacturers.
Buying American creates jobs in the US.

One thing every American wants is more jobs and a better economy. By purchasing American-made products, you help companies create jobs right here at home. When people have good-paying jobs, they spend that money in their communities. This, in turn, stimulates the economy, creating a positive cycle that boosts local businesses and creates even more job opportunities.

Goods purchased in the U.S. are better for the environment.

You might not realize it, but products shipped from overseas use a huge amount of fuel. This means that buying American goods helps limit your carbon footprint, as they don’t have to go as far to reach the consumer.

Many countries that produce lesser-priced goods do so at the cost of human rights.

The headlines are full of horror stories about the human rights violations that go on in Chinese factories that produce many popular brands of electronics, toys, clothing, and more. From people working an exhausting number of hours each day in dangerous conditions to being forced to live in absolute discomfort, as well as companies that engage in child labor violations, the mistreatment of workers in many of these facilities is sickening. Purchasing American-made goods ensures that the employees who made your product are being paid fairly, required to work a reasonable number of hours each day, and working in conditions governed by American labor safety laws.

Buying American goods helps ensure the highest quality.

One of the biggest complaints consumers have when they end up with a product stamped with “Made in China” or “Made in Taiwan” is that it often breaks, fades, or falls apart quickly. When products are mass-produced in sub-par conditions by underpaid workers, quality suffers, and it’s apparent in many foreign-made goods. When you see “Made in the USA” on a product or its manufacturer’s website, you know to expect durable materials and the best of quality.

At Athletic Seating, we’re proud to carry Clarin products. Made in the US, Clarin folding chairs and stools are built to last. Since the company was founded in 1925, Clarin has earned a reputation for building high-quality, durable, safe products for stadiums, schools, offices, and entertainment venues across the country.

After starting with the best American-made seating products, we then customize them with our signature screen printing process to ensure that your team’s name and logo will last just as long as the chair or stool does. If you’re not buying Athletic Seating products that were manufactured and custom-printed in the US, do you have any idea where your team’s chairs were made?