Support American Jobs with Courtside Furniture Made in the USA

Courtside Furniture
Cheer on your team with customized courtside furniture made in the USA.

There’s nothing as American as enjoying a cold drink and a hotdog or plate of nachos while you cheer on your favorite team from the stands. Here in the good old U-S-of-A, we make it a point to show support in our teams by decking out our gymnasiums and sporting facilities in team logos and colors. This includes banners as well as customized courtside furniture such as sideline chairs and folding team benches.

To take the patriotism and school spirit up a notch, many schools and universities make a conscious choice to buy their team chairs, locker room stools, and other athletic seating equipment from manufacturers such as Clarin that are located right here in the United States. There are many reasons why this is important – and pride in our country is only one of them.

High-Quality, Durable Sideline Chairs

When you need to buy a large amount of basketball sideline chairs, quality matters – you don’t want to have to purchase them again in just a few seasons because they’ve started to break or rust out. This was one of the main reasons Athletic Seating chose to carry Clarin products.

Clarin’s focus on quality can be seen in all of its products, but its Model 3400 Chair is a prime example of their extreme attention to detail. Clarin sideline chairs are built with a double tube and channel frame that provides long-lasting strength and durability. The “X frame” construction ensures a long chair life while Torx screws keep the seat back securely in place.

Comfort is also key, which is why Clarin designs its team chairs with Duraflex Action that helps keep them level even when they’re placed on an uneven surface. In addition to this, rubber feet help prevent them from sliding on slippery surfaces or damaging gymnasium floors.

A Proud History

Clarin quality didn’t just happen overnight; it comes from generations of hard work and focus on superior design. Their first folding chair design was created by Werner Clarin back in 1925, and the company has been building phenomenal products based on his design ever since. Clarin products last so long that it’s not unusual to find venues that are still using Clarin sideline chairs that were manufactured in the 60s and 70s.

Although Clarin is well-known for its folding chairs, it also manufactures an entire line of locker room stools that are as customizable and comfortable as they are durable. Made with the same quality and attention to detail as their folding chairs, Clarin stools are the ideal addition to any team locker room.

Keeping American Jobs at Home

In addition to purchasing courtside furniture products with a long history of quality and durability, there’s a sense of pride in buying from companies that support American jobs and our economy. When you purchase personalized folding chairs from Athletic Seating, not only are your chairs manufactured in the United States; they’re also customized and screen-printed by a family-owned business right here in Streamwood, Illinois. Whether you’re shopping for the perfect logo chair or a lineup of folding stools, we take pride in every item that we ship out.

In addition to generating jobs and creating high-quality sideline chairs and other products, we’re also proud of our excellent customer service. Do you have a question about the kind of seating you need or how to get your products customized? Let us know and we’ll be happy to help.