Logo Folding Chairs

The Model 3400 Chair is the most popular sideline chair in the industry. We highly recommend it over any other logo chair out there. Not only is it used by most pro and college teams, its made in the USA, and comes with a 12 year warranty on the frame.
Our portable folding chairs expand the event configuration possibilities in every space – increasing venue revenue options and patron comfort at every move. Customers continue to develop new seating applications and today Model 3400 chairs can be found as premium sideline seating at professional sports venues, team seating at NBA arenas, in suites and loge boxes, high school gymnasiums, meeting rooms and conferences facilities, and worship spaces. We combine the style and comfort your most valued customers deserve with the durability that can withstand years of use from large crowds, plus we’re proud to be made in the USA!

The Model 2617 Chair is made with the same quality as the Model 3400. Only difference is a 1″ seat cushion, where the Model 3400 has a 3″ seat cushion. Both of these model chairs can be personalized with your teams logos. With our exclusive print process, your mascot and teams name will never look better!

We also carry a full line of locker room and logo stools, which can also be personalized.