How seating can elevate your team

“If You look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good.” Deion Sanders.

These words may not be more applicable anywhere in the world than in sports. Uniforms themselves are such a vital part to the athletic world. And further, athletes spend both time and money to make sure everything looks right.

The perfect shoes, the right gloves, one sleeve long the other gone, the right cleats and so on and so on. Athletes care about how they and their teammates look.

Schools and professional teams alike will spend millions of dollars on upgrading locker rooms and training facilities to drive more interest to their programs. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers recently spent $150 million dollars on renovations and the five-time Super Bowl Patriots just renovated their locker room this past off-season.

Needless to say, when it comes to sports the details matter. Athletic Seating is a company that can offer a chance to add that detail to your team. Whether you have sideline team chairs, are looking to add logos to your sideline chairs, or want to add customized locker room stools, then Athletic Seating can help you.

So why do athletes and athletic programs care so much about all of this logo, uniform, and appearance stuff? Having a uniform and aesthetically appealing overall image gives a team energy, it provides them with identity, equality, and a sense of togetherness. Like a good mission statement for a fortune 500 company, the right look has a team feeling and playing their best.

The best coaches are taskmasters, they have to be. Coaches need to be able to simultaneously manage the game clock, know the current score and situation, understand the player’s current mindsets and attitudes, and be able to direct the plays and game strategy.

It may be an important exercise to put yourself in the shoes of a student-athlete. Imagine you are 16 years old, and you get to the gym for tonight’s big game as a member of the basketball team. You head to the locker room and you pull up your team folding chair with the team logo and get dressed.

You pull on your new pair of Jordans, your compression sleeve and wristbands. You put on your warmup jumpsuit and take the floor. After warmups, you grab a seat on one of the sideline chairs we’ve all seen at basketball games and you feel part of something bigger than yourself. You’re on a team, and it’s time to go out there and do your job.

The overarching theme here is that the details matter on a good team. And while it may seem simple, a team folding chair can be a real added value for an athlete. The American made folding chairs from Athletic Seating can do this for your program. Don’t let Bobby Knight tossing one across the floor be your only relationship with a piece of equipment that can transform your team.