Have You Transformed Your School’s Athletic Facility with Courtside Furniture?

Customized Folding Chairs
Update your sporting facility with customized folding chairs emblazoned with your team’s logo.

School has come roaring back and is running full-force…and so are this year’s sporting events. What has your school done to update your athletic facility for your team and guests? A fresh coat of paint, new banners, last year’s honors added to the wall… What about customized folding chairs for your players and VIPs?

Sure; you could reserve the first couple of rows in the bleachers and cordon them off for your players, special guests, sponsors, and coaches. However, this doesn’t add a thing to the visual appeal of your gymnasium. In addition to this, it doesn’t make those people feel very special. When it comes to courtside furniture, here are options that will make your facility – and your players – feel first-class.

Sideline Chairs

Rather than roping off the first few rows of your bleachers, make your players and special guests visually stand apart by seating them in basketball sideline chairs. The Model 3400 Chair is the perfect mix of price and comfort that will allow you to truly transform your sports facility with an update that’s affordable and removable if you need to use the space for something else.

These team chairs come in a wide variety of frame and vinyl colors, so you’re sure to find a combination that will look classy and suit your team colors perfectly. Our Model 3400s come with 3 full inches of padding in the seat and an inch of padding in the backrest, making them a truly comfortable option for players to rest and rehydrate on the sidelines or for guests to relax and cheer on the team.

The best thing about furnishing your front lines with dozens of these chairs is that they’re personalized folding chairs. Provide Athletic Seating with whatever graphics you desire and we’ll screen print your team’s name, logo, or any other artwork you request on the chair seat, back, or the front edge. This is also a great way to honor longtime team sponsors.

Other Courtside Furniture Options

The Model 3400 isn’t the only way to give your school’s sporting facility a makeover; there are lots of other options for personalized folding chairs. For the ultimate in both style and comfort, the Model 3400C features contoured padding and is also highly customizable.

Locker room stools are another compact and highly mobile seating option, whether you’d like to use them courtside or for seating in the locker room. Time Out Stools are easy to fold up and stash away, while the Model 118 Stool is a sturdy, non-folding option. Both choices can be customized with team colors, names, and logos. If locker room stools don’t exactly suit your purposes, folding team benches are a perfectly portable option to give your players a place to rest anywhere they go.

If your athletic facility has been languishing with the same tired old seating for year after year, this season, make things different. The question isn’t if you’ll opt for new courtside furniture; the questions is what courtside furniture will look best at your school?