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Sideline Folding Chairs with Logos

Athletic Seating offers the best Sideline Chairs available! Quality built, and backed by a great 12 year warranty, and with Athletic Seating’s exclusive custom screen printing process, you’ll have the finest logo chairs and stools you can get! Our logo folding chairs and logo stools are used by teams at all levels…pro, college, high school, Jr. high schools.

When you want your team looking it’s best, just give us a call at Athletic Seating…we’ll create the quality look you’ll be proud to display, and that’s built to last.

Athletic Seating is one of the leading logo chair makers in the country who are committed to providing high quality with affordable price ranges. Our prices are very affordable and when it comes to quality, we do not compromise no matter how less we are charging for them. We believe in good and noticeable work that is the core root of spreading our business to more and more people all over the country.

How can you acquire a logo on a logo folding chair for your school? Logo folding chairs allow you to have the equipment, school name or any other name you choose to print on folding chairs without spending a fortune. Just choose the design of your school logo and send to ( and we’ll do the rest. With increasing school, colleges, stadium, gymnasium and meeting the spirit of providing quality sideline chairs that everyone will enjoy.