Custom Printed Sideline Chairs, Logo Seating

Are you happy with your sideline chairs?

Does your school or organization use old, worn out sideline chairs for sporting events, community events or other special engagements? Often times, old sideline chairs can leave your school or organization quite embarrassed when visitors utilize your gym or auditorium. Details are quite important, so the appearance and condition of your sideline chairs can say more than you think. Representing your school or organization down to the details can sometimes set your organization apart and be a key part of making your event memorable.

Think about your last sideline chair investment/purchase. Were you treated with respect and honesty? Were the chairs up to your school or organization’s standards? How have the chairs held up over the years? Have you received many compliments about the quality or appearance of the chairs?

The typical printer quality from other sideline chair manresultsrers often result in a low quality image, poor quality vinyl and poor quality frame. The graphics can be blurry, the colors dull and overall, be an unimpressive representation of your school or organization. The images tend to be bland and boring. They also can wear quite easily, fading in a short amount of time and frequently needing to be replaced. Although the price may be low initially, it could get expensive to maintain, costing you thousands of dollars over the years. As the saying goes, “you get what you pay for.”

Athletic Seating means high quality

Our advanced printer technology delivers vibrant colors and sharper quality, resulting in livelier images that are long-lasting and durable. Overall, the chairs are more solid and better put together. Your spectators/audience will be amazed by the superior quality. Colors will “pop” and images will display as you’ve never seen before. Visitors will notice the difference and see that your school or organization takes pride in its programs, its members/students and its institution.

Athletic Seating is passionate about delivering a higher standard to our customers through a wide array of products and an excellent customer experience. We are happy to offer products that are made in the United States. With over 20 proud years of unparalleled service to hundreds of schools and organizations, both small and large, we have bee provided a personable approach to all of our clients to ensure that all of your needs are taken care of at an affordable price.

The quality of our seating demonstrates our dedication to our customers. We strive to provide an excellent experience that will excite your team and your guests.

Is your school or organization is looking for a high quality chair for a normal quality price? Let us help you!

Here’s a photo of a chair we produced for Missouri University.