New Scoring Tables

Indoor sports provides a wonderful opportunity to create an exciting and comfortable environment for game officials, players, and spectators. The choices you make for your venue can take it from drab to dynamic.
To truly step into the big leagues, colorful, lighted scoring tables are an exciting addition to your sports venue. Custom scoring table panels allow you to proudly proclaim your team pride with your logo or team colors. Display advertising from local team sponsors with panels that feature the business name, logo, and contact information. Outfit your table with two single panels or one spectacular large panel. The best part about our scoring tables is that it’s easy to change panels out for various sponsors or to use at different events.

The panels aren’t the only part of our scoring tables that are customizable. Choose from 5, 8, 10, and 12-foot models to perfectly accommodate your space requirements. Freestanding scoring tables allow you to provide your own seating, while our bleacher mount models can be fitted in order to maximize space and allow use of bleacher seating with your new scoring table.


Some events are simply too big for a single scoring table. When one isn’t enough to seat the game officials and display your team spirit, use the optional hardware to connect two tables together. For a truly professional touch, top the table off with a scoring indicator to help the audience keep track of action on the court.

Storage of scoring tables from Athletic Seating is a snap. The countertops fold down and feature storage bins underneath to stash electrical cords, adaptors, and other items. Easily roll the tables away, making sure to cover them with one of our protective covers when they’re not in use. This will keep them looking fantastic for years to come.
Seating is another consideration when outfitting your sports venue. Basketball chairs add a colorful and comfortable touch to the front lines of every event. Our folding chairs are infinitely customizable. Choose the perfect colors for your basketball chairs and decide whether you’d like to emblazon them with your team name or logo. Choose the ideal level of padding—from our lightly-padded Model 2617 Chair to our comfy Model 3400.

Storage for your basketball chairs is no issue, either. A Double Tier Storage Cart from Athletic Seating allows you to store anywhere from 24 to 72 chairs (depending on the chair model). Fold up your basketball chairs, hang them on the durable steel cart, and then wheel it out of the way until the next game.
When planning for comfortable seating next to the court, make sure not to forget what’s going on behind the scenes. Locker room stools are the key to giving your players a place to gather their thoughts before the game and work on strategy during halftime. Like so many of the products at Athletic Seating, our locker room stools can be customized to suit your needs. They’re available in different heights, colors, and levels of seat padding.

All of the basketball chairs and locker room stools made by Athletic Seating are manufactured in the U.S. with the highest quality of materials. In addition to this, our exclusive screen printing process ensures that the colors and logos on your seating will remain bright and vibrant for season after season.