Free Sideline Chair!


Team Sideline and Locker Room Chairs for your school or team are on sale this month at Athletic Seating! If you purchase 30 or more Logo Sideline Chairs, or 30 Logo Stools of any size, you’ll receive 1 free! Athletic Seating is the industry leader in team seating, and now your school can have the same chairs and stools the pro’s use. And, now receive one free!…..the sale lasts until December 31, so time is limited.

We realize there are plenty of chair dealers you can choose from, with most offering the same brands. But why would you want to pay the inflated mark ups they charge? Most all other dealers are just middleman, they take your order and pass it along with their mark up. At Athletic Seating, we are the only logo chair dealer that does their own printing, with our exclusive logo printing process. The difference in print quality needs to be seen to be believed. Our print process has been refined over 25 years of logo printing on seating products. And not only will your team’s logos look fantastic, but since there are no middleman mark ups, we can offer our seating products at prices the others can touch. Check out the competition’s prices for a Model 3400 Chair, then check ours! Same goes for any Model 118, 124, or 130 Stool. And we have lowest prices on Storage Carts also.

We have been serving all levels of team seating for over 25 years, and we can help your teams image and budget concerns also. We are happy to give free proofs and quotes. Just e-mail us or call one of our customer service reps and we’ll get your team noticed!