#1 Sideline Chairs in the Market

The Secret to Athletic Chairs and Stools That Last


When you decide to order custom-printed athletic chairs for your gym or sports facility, it’s not a decision to be made lightly. In order to properly outfit your locker room or seating area, you’ll need to order a large number of chairs. This makes it a significant investment for your school or organization. That’s why it’s important to do your homework on the company from which you purchase your athletic seating and the methods they use to customize them.

There’s nothing more disappointing than unpackaging your shipment to discover that you’ve been sold an inferior product. Maybe the chairs themselves are chintzy and don’t appear that they will hold up for more than a season. Sometimes, the printing simply isn’t up to par. Your team’s logo may appear faded or blurred. Even worse are logos and lettering that begin to peel after a few uses.

That’s what makes Athletic Seating different. From the folding chairs and locker room stools themselves to our signature printing style, we want each of our customers to receive a product that will stand up to the exuberant fans, sweaty players, spills, bumping, and jostling that make up an exciting season or event. Here’s how we do that.
High Quality Athletic Chairs and Stools


First, we ensure that each of our products is built from the ground up with quality materials. All of our chairs and stools are made right here in the U.S.A. They’re sturdy and heavy-duty, with powder-coated metal frames that stand up to abuse much better than traditionally-painted frames. Whether you order a set of Model 3400 Chairs or a number of Time Out Stools, they’ll feature vinyl that’s thick and resistant to ripping and stretching. We also realize that comfort is key, and the padding in our chairs is thick and resilient.

We also work hard to offer a wide array of options to suit any budget or specific need. Our Model 2617 Chairs, for example, are a more lightweight, affordable option for players or spectators alike. If you need to outfit your team bench area with something more sturdy, the more luxurious Model 3-3400 Wide Chair provides more room and deeper padding.

Expert Printing for Designs That Last


Next, Athletic Seating differentiates itself through our high-quality screen printing process. Why don’t we do digital? While digital printing sounds more high tech and better, we’ve got the experience to know that screen printing simply reaps brighter, sharper, and longer-lasting results. Our ink layers are thicker, show up better, and provides a much better result for our customers.

That means that it may take us a bit longer to customize a set of SC-1 Sideline Chairs, but we’re comfortable knowing that our customers are getting a vibrant product that will truly pop…and will stand the test of time.

When you invest in a set of athletic chairs from Athletic Seating, you’re not just investing in the chairs themselves – you’re trusting and investing in us. We’re proud to have been providing high-quality athletic chairs and stools for over 30 years.

Now that you know more about our products and printing process, what can we customize for you? Contact us so we can get started!