Team Seating

Athletic Seating is the number 1 Clarin Seating dealer in the nation. We carry the entire Clarin Chair line of products, and at the best price you can find. We are the only dealer that does all of the logo printing in house, which means you are cutting out middle man costs and we can offer the lowest price around. And our state of the art printing method means your team logo has never looked better!

We use an exclusive print process that has the “laminated” effect where your team logo “jumps” off the chair, and that will last for years to come! We take great pride in the quality of the product we produce for your team, you will not find a better print anywhere!

The most popular sideline chair product is the Model 3400 Chair, the same chair that most pro and college teams have. We sell more of these chairs, along with the Storage Carts than anyone else. But we also carry the Model 118 Stools, VIP Chairs, along the economical Model 2617 Chair. No matter which model you’re interested in, the same quality logo printing is included. Just ask any of our thousands of customers who have ordered logo chairs from us over the past 30 years!