Where Are Your Chairs Made?

Made-in-USA3MADE IN THE U.S.A. ! Recently we’ve had several requests for more information on where our SIDELINE CHAIRS and LOCKER ROOM STOOLS are made, and where are they coming from. The quality locker room chairs and stools we sell, are proudly MADE IN THE U.S.A. We sell only Clarin by Hussey chairs and stools. Made in North Berwick, Maine. If you are considering buying something else for your team or school, you might want to ask where the chairs and stools “they” sell are manufactured and imported from?

Maybe it doesn’t matter to you or your school, or maybe it does?…..don’t be fooled by some companies selling similar products that are U.S.A. based, but have nothing to do with the manufacturing of the chair or stool. If it does matter to you, ask where they are made. Then ask yourself, what if there is an issue or warranty problem……get ready to be disappointed or wait for months for replacements.