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Chino High School

I want to thank you both and Athletic Seating for the great experience in getting our sideline chairs for Chino High School. We had are monthly Boosters meeting tonight, where I, along with are membership was able to see the chairs for the first time…

since being delivered, and I will tell you everyone, but especially me, were so thankful on how the chairs looked. The chairs exceeded my expectations in quality and value.

I still can’t believe that Athletic Seating is able to provide such a quality chair for the low price we paid per chair. As I first mentioned, I had been researching chairs for months and was so fortunate to find your website. Thank you again as this completes what has been a long venture for us to complete a long overdue renovation to our school’s gymnasium.

I am just so happy with the outcome. Thank you again for coming through exactly as you promised. A rare find in today’s world of business. Mark Hargrove