Team Logo Folding Chairs

Folding Chairs with Team Logos! Looking for new Team Logo Chairs to make your team’s bench or locker room look like the pro’s?…look no further than Athletic Seating. We feature the industries number one quality Clarin by Hussey Chairs, Stools, and Storage Carts with a style and variety for every budget. And, at Athletic Seating, you’ll get the finest logo printing available anywhere. You can find Logo Folding Chairs on many sites on an internet search, but the only place you’ll find the state of the art logo printing is right here at Athletic Seating. Don’t believe us?…ask us for a free sample of our printing on chair vinyl. We can show you how logos look with our exclusive printing process, as compared with other logo chair printing. Ask any other chair dealer for a sample, we fear no one, they fear us…that’s if you can even get a sample from other chair suppliers!

Besides the quality Logo Chairs and Logo Stools printing quality, the products are manufactured right here in the U.S.A.  All phases of your custom logo chairs are done here, not in China, or another far east country. Try finding out what step of the process your chair order is at with the other manufacturers!…good luck!

We here at Athletic Seating, do not sell hundreds of different products aimed at school’s athletic departments. We don’t sell basketballs, poncho’s, letterman’s jackets, etc. We ONLY sell Custom Logo Chairs, Stools, and Storage Carts for your team’s bench or locker room. That’s why you’ll get the finest Logo Seating anywhere.