Logo Chairs for Your Team

Need Sideline Chairs? Locker Room Chairs? Athletic Seating Can Help!

If you want your team to play like pros, why not treat them like pros? Go to any professional basketball stadium, for instance, and what will you see? The players aren’t sitting on uncomfortable, hard folding chairs. They’re sitting on cushioned, folding basketball chairs that are proudly emblazoned with their team’s name and logo! These sideline chairs tell your team, as well as the spectators at your events, that your team really is number one!

Check out professional locker rooms and you’ll see the same. Professional sports teams use beautiful locker room chairs and stoolsthat are comfortable for players to relax on before the big game, during halftime, as well as afterward as they celebrate their victory or plan a better strategy for next time.

What’s your school’s strategy for making your players feel proud, valued, and pumped up full of team pride? Athletic Seating makes it possible for you to have the perfect sideline chairs, locker room chairs, and locker room stools to suit your team spirit. We have a wide variety of basketball chairs that are great for seating your team, as well as VIP guests along the stadium sidelines. Choose sideline chairs with padding on both the chair back, as well as the seat. Athletic Seating has various levels of chair padding, as well, so your players and guests need never be uncomfortable. We’ll customize your sideline chairs however you like, with your team’s name and logo on the chair set, chair back, as well as on the front edge of the chair seat, if you’d like.
We offer the same level of comfort and customization for the locker room, as well. Let no player doubt your team pride as they walk into a locker room filled with bright, beautiful locker room chairs and locker room stools that display your team’s name and logo all around. Our special printing process ensures that the colors will be stunning and the name and logo will really pop. The chairs and stools are well-made and durable, able to stand up to years of use and abuse by all of your athletes.

You’ll want to take excellent care of your beautiful, new sideline chairs, locker room chairs, and basketball chairs, and Athletic Seating has you covered for storage, as well. Don’t simply stack your chairs in a corner where they can get damaged or fall over. Use our double tier storage carts to store all of your athletic chairs. Simply hang them up on the cart when they’re not in use; you can easily grab them to set them out. Not only will the double tier storage carts keep your chairs organized and in good shape; they keep them displayed proudly even when they’re not in use. Why shouldn’t your sideline chairs and locker room chairs look great even when they’re stored?

No matter what your needs are, Athletic Seating can help. All of our products are carefully made in the United States. Contact us and let us help you get your order placed today!