Folding Chairs with School Logo

If your team or school wants new Sideline Chairs, Locker Room Chairs, or any type of Logo Seating, but needs to have your teams sponsor represented on the chair, we have the answer for you! At Athletic Seating, we can customize your teams Logo Chairs with not only your schools logo and colors, but have your sponsors logo added too!

Here’s an example of having a corporate sponsors logo added to the backrest of the chair, the side that faces the crowd. We added a “print and cut” adhesive vinyl to the back part of the chair, so the sponsors name and logo are clearly seen. We can also add individual names on the backs of the chairs. This works well for parents, neighbors, and relatives who helped fund the purchase of the chairs. And the school wants to acknowledge those who helped with the individual names of those people.

You can customize the sponsors logo and/or names with numerous colors, and types of vinyl. You can have a permanent vinyl decal, easily removable static cling, and many others. Tell us what you’re looking for, or type of application, and we’ll supply you with the right product. And this is in addition to the quality Sideline Chair printing your team gets!