Custom Printed Folding Chairs

mj-and-pippin1As seen on TV!…’ve heard it before, we all have. But thats true for our custom logo chairs! The Final Four, United Center, American Airlines Arena, games on ESPN, etc…our logo chairs are all over the tv. And your school deserves the same.

We can custom print your teams logo, on the high quality Clarin by Hussey chairs. We offer the highest quality logo printing in the business….not some cheap, dull, matte finish logo that is just “on”. Our exclusive screen printing process makes your teams logo stand out….you almost wont want to sit on them, they look so good!…ask our customers. But go ahead and use them…they will withstand the toughest “bench warmer” you can find! A full 12 year warranty comes with the standard model 3400 Chair.

Check out all of our model chairs, custom logo stools also. We also carry a complete line of chair storage carts.

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