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Transform School Events with the Model KI-1 Chair by Athletic Seating

Athletic Seating introduces the Model KI-1 chair, revolutionizing school event seating. It’s more than a chair—it’s a way to showcase school pride with custom logo printing, perfect for school events.

What Makes the Model KI-1 Chair Ideal for School Comfort and Durability?

The Model KI-1 Chair is a testament to endurance and comfort, which we all know is very important for the energetic atmosphere of school events.Its sturdy construction features heavy-duty 20-gauge recessed steel seat pans and a curved 24-gauge cold-rolled steel backrest, which ensures lasting durability. Its design focuses on longevity and includes features like flexible seating. This makes it a top choice for school chairs with logos.

How to Select the Best Athletic Chairs for School Events

Our Model KI-1 Chair offers unique customization options.Available in nine paint colors, the 600 Series frame can be tailored to match any school’s color scheme. Schools can personalize these athletic chairs with logos, ideal for various settings, including basketball logo seating and auditoriums. You get your own custom logo chairs for any sports event (or just for fun) for your class or even the whole school.

What Are the Best Versatile Folding Chairs for Various School Settings?

With its optional upholstered seats and backrest panel, the Model KI-1 Chair offers enhanced comfort for prolonged use. The chair’s versatility shines, no matter if it’s used as a folding chairin auditoriums, sports facilities, or classrooms. These chairs meet diverse requirements, enhancing functionality and school spirit.

Get Your Custom Logo Chairs Fast with Streamlined Delivery

At Athletic Seating, our efficient delivery process guarantees the timely arrival of custom chairs. Notably, the Model KI-1 chair boasts a lead time of just 4 weeks, ensuring schools can swiftly prepare for upcoming events. This service is vital for event planning, guaranteeing no delay in receiving custom logo chairs.

Why Choose Model KI-1 Chairs for School Events?

So, why would you go with the Model KI-1 from Athletic Seating when there are other brands and chairs out there? Let us assure you that the Model KI-1 Chair from Athletic Seating is not just any chair. Its double hinges and double-riveted cross brace add to its strength and stability, which makes it an ideal choice for active school environments. It’s the perfect blend of quality, comfort, and school spirit. These school chairs with logos are a smart choice for schools seeking practical and pride-enhancing seating solutions. Don’t hesitate and get the best customized athletic chairs out there for your school today!