Team Logo Chairs

If you’ve ever worried when buying something if you’re getting the “good stuff” or just some cheap knock off brand, we here at Athletic Seating would like you to rest assured that any product from us IS the good stuff.

From time to time we’ll post some of our finished products here, just to show that some of the top teams and schools come to us for their teams logo chairs, logo stools, slipcovers, and stadium seats.

This is one of the logo chairs used for the 2010 All-Star game in Anaheim. After producing the initial order of a few hundred, they were so popular after being seen, a second and third order had to placed with us to meet the demand. If you watched the Home Run Derby or the All-Star game itself, you saw them on the field.

So when we say “you can have the same chair the pro’s use”….we mean it!