Model 3400 Logo Chair – Made in the USA

The popular Model 3400 logo folding chair is made here in the USA, which is something to seriously consider these days.

Unlike other model chairs which are imported from overseas, the Model 3400 is made right here in the USA. As are all Clarin model chairs and stools. The quality of Clarin products is unmatched in every detail. When your team or school invests in a product, you want it to last. With a 12 year warranty on all Clarin products in your back pocket, you can rest assured you’ve made the right decision on purchasing any of their products. Something you wont have to worry about years from now. They are built to last.

We are proud to be the #1 Clarin dealer in the country, selling their products at the best prices you’ll find. We are the only dealer to also customize their products with our exclusive logo printing process…..your logo will never look better! Thats something no other dealer or manufacturer can offer. And that’s why we can keep the cost down lower than anyone else. All logo printing is done in house, no middleman here!

So whether it’s the Model 3400, the Model 118 Locker Room Stool, The plush VIP Chair, or the economy Model 2617 Chair, you’ve made the right decision to go with Clarin products.