Logo Chairs for your team

Athletic folding chairs are the ultimate option for any school sports facility.

Even though we’re at the height of summertime vacations and cookouts now, an undeniable fact is lurking at the back of everyone’s minds: school will be back in again before you know it. This is especially true for school administrators and everyone who works to get campuses ready before all the students pour back in.

Beginning-of-year preparation means getting all books, classroom supplies, and lesson plans in order. It also means prepping your school’s athletic facilities for all of the events that will take place there in the year to come.

The best way to do this? Athletic folding chairs are the ultimate option for any school sports facility. Why? Let us count the ways.

1. Flexibility in Courtside Furniture 

Bleacher seating is wonderful, but it’s fixed in place and can’t be moved and expanded to suit your audience. One of the things we love the most about seats like our Model 3400 Chairs is that they’re infinitely flexible. Set out as many rows as you need. Unlike fixed seating, folding chairs are portable and can be set up in any configuration, around any type of sports pitch, field, court, or swimming pool. This makes them a particularly perfect option for players, coaches, sponsors, and other VIPS who need to stay close to the action.

2. Customize with No Limits

Again, we adore bleachers and stadium seating, but they’re not as easily customizable as our SC-1 Sideline Chairs. You can choose nearly every aspect of these chairs, from the brushed metal frame color to the vinyl color. Even more so, we can customize each chair with our high-quality screen-printing process. What would you like on your chairs? Your team’s name? Its logo? Your school name? We can print any of these or all of them on the chair back, seat, and the front edge of the seat. Simply let us know what you’d like where and send us the images; we’ll do the rest.

3. Easy Storage of All Athletic Seating 

Just as easily as our Model 3400 Chairs can be put out and set up, they can be whisked away and stored when it’s time to use the gymnasium for a different purpose. This is why we’re proud to carry Clarin seating products. They’re lightweight and easy to store, but they’re also durable and will hold up to many seasons of being moved around, set up, and put away.

You don’t have to stash them away in a pile in a closet, either. Our Double Tier Storage Cart was created to keep your folding athletic chairs organized and safe when they’re not in use. Choose a cart that holds 36 chairs, and if you need more, choose a cart that holds 48. The chairs easily hang from the wheeled cart, which can be easily rolled out of the way when it’s time to store it.

Now that you know why athletic folding chairs are such a great option for your gymnasium or school sports facility, you’ve got to order in time for the start of the school year! If you have questions or need help placing an order, contact the team at Athletic Seating and we’ll be glad to help!