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3 Important Factors in Choosing Folding Chairs for Your Sports Venue

Chairs are just chairs, right? Wrong! When it comes to choosing folding chairs for your team or sports venue, you have a lot of options. In this article, let’s discuss the three most important factors to consider before making a choice.

  1. Comfort Is King

No matter what type of seating exists in the rest of your gymnasium or venue, the sideline chairs you provide are the crème de la crème of the seating there. These chairs are set up in honor of the driving force behind every game and match – your players, their coaches, and VIPS such as sponsors who give generously to make sure that your sports program is a success.

Because of this, comfort couldn’t be more important. From more affordable options like our Model KI-1” Chair to the more luxe Model 3400, we offer products that provide the ultimate in seat and back padding. Choosing the perfect sideline chair is about more than just giving people a place to sit; it’s about showing your players and VIPs the respect they’re due.

  1. Visuals Matter

So you’ve got the comfort level down pat. Next comes fine-tuning the look of your sports space. Since your team is your brand, don’t miss the chance to use custom folding chairs to promote it.

At Athletic Seating, we understand how much team branding matters. That’s why we provide sideline chairs that are infinitely customizable. Choose the color of frame you’d like and pick from an assortment of vinyl colors. Next, we’ll screen print your team’s name or logo on the back of the chair, on the seat, or (on thicker chair designs like the Model 3400) even on the front edge of the chair seat.

In addition to using custom folding chairs to promote your team, sideline chairs are the perfect way to give a shout out to the sponsors that make it all possible. They’re also a great gift idea for a beloved coach or team manager that deserves recognition.

  1. Choose Chairs You Can Actually Use

Finally, overall chair design and quality should be a driving factor in your choice. Sideline chairs need to be lightweight so they’re easily set up and put away without a lot of hassle. (We suggest storing your chairs away on our Double Tier Storage Cart.)

Lightweight doesn’t mean chintzy, however, because athletic folding chairs need to be high-quality to hold up to years of use. What makes a high-quality folding chair? We offer an entire product lineup of chairs and locker room stools that are manufactured in the USA with materials that are designed to last, from rough and tough vinyl seats and backs to steel frames created to provide strength and comfort for game after game.

At Athletic Seating, we’ve been providing our clients with custom seating for over 30 years. What do you have in mind for your sports venue? Contact us so we can discuss the best sideline or locker room seating solution for your team!