Folding Chairs With Logo

These are the Folding Chairs With Logos that were done for the U.S. Olympic Team’s tryouts last spring before the London Olympics. At Athletic Seating, we can print your team’s logo anywhere you’d like on the Folding Chair. Seat, back, front edge gusset location…..ite your chair, and we’ll customize them to your satisfaction. Send us your logo, along with the choice of frame and vinyl colors, and we’ll create a vitual proof for you free of charge. Give us a call or e-mail us, we’ll be happy to assist you!

Locker Room Chairs for your Team

You can upgrade your team’s locker room or your team’s bench with any of Hussey’s top of the line Sideline Chairs, Logo Chairs, or Logo Stools. We carry the entire line of products, including Storage Carts to neatly pack your Logo Chairs away after the game!

We have several models to choose from, wide variety of colors for frames and vinyl to fit your requirements for Chairs for Athletic Events.