Athletic Seating Offers Back to School Delayed Shipping and Payment


This is an unprecedented time for everyone. With everything that has gone on in the world, this is the first time schools have closed their doors, nationwide, for such an extended period of time. However, everyone at Athletic Seating knows this is what is in the best interest of the children and their families.


Fortunately, Athletic Seating also knows that one day soon, kids will go back to school. Sports will resume and life will go back to normal, albeit with a lot more thankfulness for the mundane school day (at least for a little while). When that day comes and the stands are once again packed with eager fans, you are going to want to make sure you are stocked with premium sideline chairs to celebrate the occasion. 


Therefore, now is a great time to order your logo folding chairs and locker room chairs from Athletic Seating.

Selection of Chairs

Athletic Seating is a business that certainly doesn’t sit around on the job. Instead, they try their best to offer a selection that will have you, your teams, and your fans sitting comfortably all season long.


There are so many types of chairs that can be used to accommodate school sports but Athletic Seating offers only the best. Currently, these are a couple of the company’s most popular products:


  • Sideline chairs-For when you just can’t get close enough.
  • Logo folding chairs-For when you really want to make an impression.
  • Locker room chairs-For relaxing before a big game.
  • Locker room stools-For when the stakes are too high to relax. 
  • Model 3400 Chairs-For a variation of seating needs. 

Athletic Seating is More than Just Seats

While Athletic Seating is focused around sideline chairs and sports seating needs, they offer the whole package. In addition to one of a kind, beautifully manufactured logo folding chairs and locker room chairs, Athletic Seating also offers seat storage, covers, and sponsor decals. Plus, you can try out different colors and styles right from the Athletic Seating website. (Even the chair frames are customizable!)

Delayed Shipping and Payment

Athletic Seating understands that this is a hard time. With there being no school and no jobs, money is tight. That is why Athletic Seating is offering delayed shipping or payment on orders. So, you can get something special made for your teams, to welcome them back with a break on the payment arrangements. 


There is delayed shipping available too. The future is uncertain right now, as it is hard to accurately predict when kids are coming back to school. Instead of shipping your order to an empty building, Athletic Seating will take your order now and delay shipping it until life goes back to normal. 


To fold up this armchair chat, Athletic Seating wants to reaffirm that we are all in this together. When kids get back to school and sports start up again, having fresh, clean, and beautiful stadium chairs are a wonderful welcome!


Contact Athletic Seating today to discuss how this company is can accommodate all your sports seating needs!