Sideline Chairs

The Athletic Seating sideline chair is the most popular team sideline chair, and the best value chair on the market you will find. Unlike other “value priced” chairs, our sideline chair is backed by a 12 year warranty. The 3400 model has a 3? upholstered cushion seat and a 1? upholstered back rest. With Athletic Seating’s exclusive silk Continue reading

Chairs For Athletic Events

MLB_AllStars_2-1024x788Orders are coming in daily for next falls basketball and football season. So for the upcoming school year, you dont want a delay in having your teams sideline and/or locker room chairs on “back order”. You want them there for the start of the season, not in the middle of it! Plan ahead and avoid any type of rush or disappointment and order soon, so the sideline chairs, locker room chairs, or stools can be ready when its opening day!
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New Athletic Chairs

Every coach would like 2 things, the “home court advantage” and a good looking, deep bench. At Athletic Seating, we can help you with both! Our custom logo sideline chairs will make a great addition to your gym or facility. With the highest quality constuction, and the finest logo screen printing anywhere, your sideline chairs will be showpieces and the envy of other teams at your gym.
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Sideline Chairs For All Levels

blog-pic-300x300If you need sideline chairs for your Elementary, High School, College, University, or Professional Team…Athletic Seating has the sideline chair for you! We have a wide selection of logo seating to choose from. Anything from top of the line VIP Chairs, Wide Contour Chairs, Logo Stools, even Slip Covers. We have the right product for your teams needs. Dont see what you’re looking for on our Models page? just contact us! Athletic Seating carries the entire line of Clarin Seating by Hussey. We offer top quality chairs, the finest logo printing found anywhere, and we offer great discounts no matter on what size quantity you’re looking for. Continue reading

Sideline Athletic Folding Chairs with Logo for any Event

Olympics_2-677x1024If you’ve wondered where your school or team can get top quality, made in America, Team Logo Chairs for Athletic Events, you’ve found us! We offer the full line of Clarin Seating chairs, stools, storage carts, and much more. And your teams logo will never look better.

Our exclusive process thats all done in-house will ensure your teams school logo will “jump” off the chair. We’ve been refining our print process for over 20 years, with Logo Athletic Chairs being our focus. And the best part, we can offer you significant savings over the “other guys” who are just “middlemanning” orders. They markup all the costs involved with producing the chairs, especially the custom printing of your schools logo.
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Sideline Folding Athletic Chairs

indiana-34002-1024x282If your athletic team or school is considering new logo folding chairs or locker room stools for the upcoming season, why not consider Athletic Seating? We offer the top of line logo chair, with a 12 year warranty, at a fraction of the cost of other chair dealers. While they just handle “paperwork” and markup the price to you, we do the printing all in house. Which means we can pass the savings to you. Continue reading

Logo Folding Chairs For Athletic Events

2010-All-Star-3402-left-205x300Does your school’s athletic teams need new logo folding chairs for this year’s athletic events? Your team can have customized logo folding chairs, stools, and slip covers at Athletic Seating. We have been the first choice of High Schools, College and Universities, and Pro Teams for over 20 years. We feature portable seating by Clarin, with your team’s name, mascot, and/or sponsor custom printed on the chairs. All products we sell are made in the U.S.A….not overseas. And since we’ve been doing this for over 20 years, our experience and knowledge will not only ensure that your product looks the best, but Athletic Seating will save you money. We sell the full line of Clarin Seating products for less than other dealers… some cases, up to 50% less! Get a quote from another dealer, then give us a call…you’ll see for yourself.
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Sideline Chairs Get The Same Chairs The Pros Use!

4-chairs-300x157Your team or school can have the same chair the pros use….not some cheaper “knock off” brand made overseas. Clarin by Hussey Chairs are the industry leader in sideline chairs, chairs for athletic events, and locker rooms. At Athletic Seating, we can give your school the quality look and comfort of the top of the line logo seating, and at a fraction of the price other places offer. How?…by saving our customers needless upcharges along the way because we do the all the layout, artwork and printing ourselves. We’re not some middleman broker who just sells chairs. We are the only dealer who can say that. And since we do it ourselves, we can pass substancial savings on to you….and your team!

Go ahead, get a quote on the same sideline chair, locker room chair, stool or slip cover from another dealer…then call us. You’ll see for yourself.

Folding Chairs with School Logo

If your team or school wants new Sideline Chairs, Locker Room Chairs, or any type of Logo Seating, but needs to have your teams sponsor represented on the chair, we have the answer for you! At Athletic Seating, we can customize your teams Logo Chairs with not only your schools logo and colors, but have your sponsors logo added too!

Here’s an example of having a corporate sponsors logo added to the backrest of the chair, the side that faces the crowd. We added a “print and cut” adhesive vinyl to the back part of the chair, so the sponsors name and logo are clearly seen. We can also add individual names on the backs of the chairs. This works well for parents, neighbors, and relatives who helped fund the purchase of the chairs. And the school wants to acknowledge those who helped with the individual names of those people.

You can customize the sponsors logo and/or names with numerous colors, and types of vinyl. You can have a permanent vinyl decal, easily removable static cling, and many others. Tell us what you’re looking for, or type of application, and we’ll supply you with the right product. And this is in addition to the quality Sideline Chair printing your team gets!