Basketball Folding Chairs with Logo


Athletic Seating prints your team’s logo on folding sideline basketball chairs….that’s our business! We have been in the custom logo printing, on seating products only, for 30 years. If you’ve seen team sideline chairs at a sporting event, or on TV, chances are that school or pro team, had them done by us! Unlike other dealers that rep numerous products, we specialize only in team seating products…..and we customize them to your specific needs with our exclusive printing process, that blows the others away! Go ahead, get a sample print of theirs, and we will send you a sample of ours…the difference is day and night. If your team or organization is going to spend the money to equip your team with new logo chairs or stools, get the best product you can. And since we do not “middleman” the printing, we can beat the competition on pricing. There’s no middleman mark up, so we can pass the savings on to you. Get their quote, then get ours….we can beat their price by up to $50.00 a chair in some cases.

If your team, school, or organization is looking to upgrade the sideline chairs, locker room chairs and stools, give any of our customer service reps a call, or contact us through the website. You will receive a prompt reply, with free proofs, and a quote that others can’t beat.

Our New Website Is Here!

Welcome to our new (and improved) website! You’ll find it easier to locate and view any logo folding chair, sideline chair, stool and truck cart that you’re looking for.

Athletic Seating specializes in providing the finest quality chairs for your athletic team or organization. Our custom printing process will make your team logo look better than you’ve ever seen.
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Custom Printed Sideline Chairs, Logo Seating

testpic-231x300Are you happy with your sideline chairs?

Does your school or organization use old, worn out sideline chairs for sporting events, community events or other special engagements? Often times, old sideline chairs can leave your school or organization quite embarrassed when visitors utilize your gym or auditorium. Details are quite important, so the appearance and condition of your sideline chairs can say more than you think. Representing your school or organization down to the details can sometimes set your organization apart and be a key part of making your event memorable.
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Logo Folding Chairs For Buffalo Grove High School

428701_350282198323624_100000255414985_1311018_959390524_n-225x300Here’s a chair we did for Buffalo Grove High School a few years ago. After a couple of years and several games of use, they still look new! The high school also purchased the folding chair truck cart that holds 48 of the chairs, so when the game is over the chairs are stored neatly. We enjoyed traveling to the school this past weekend to see our neice and the team, and the coach mentioned how the chairs with the school logo really made the gym and the court look professional